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 1st. We help Ethiopian_Diaspora   and foreigners  to get the right  information about Ethiopia when they arrive or thinking to come to Ethiopia.
2nd.  We arrange a hotel, guest house or a transport from the air port.
3rd.  We arrange a travel and truism  as a group or individual in Ethiopia .
4th  We help you if you want to buy sell or  rent a house, land, store ,guest house or car.
5th. We do all Promotion works.
6th. We arrange a gathering party where all diasporas will get together and share ideas.
7th. We will sort out  things if you want  to get married  such as Djing camera.Decoration 
8th  We lead you to the right direction where you want to go and what you want to do with.
9th  We will take the responsbilty of taking all the work to do behalf of  you.
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