This  website  helps the  Ethiopian_Diaspora and foreigners  to get the right  information about Ethiopia when you arrive or thinking to come to Ethiopia it could be about anything  such as buying ,selling or rent house & guest house, travel and tourism ,advising. promotion Etc..
all you have to do is just  ask..

ይህ ፔጅ  ማንኛዉንም  ኢትዮ ዲያሰፖራ   ከሀገር ዉጭ ሆነ ሀገር  ዉስጥ ላላቹህ የሚረዳ  ማንኛዉንም እንፎርሜሽን  መጠየቅ የምትችሉበት እና ምላሽ  ማግኘት የምትችሉበት ህጋዊ ፔጅ ስለሆነ  ባገኛቹሁት አጋጣሚ Share Like  አንዲሁም  member ሁኑ:
 ዋናዉ አላማ

Meet The Team

Hello I'am the Ehtiopian diaspora manager

 I look after anything to do with diaspora.





Hello I look after anything to do with Relate to House Land store and guest house



Hello.. there

well come to Ethiopia

 my job is a professional Translater with nine language Amharic somalia areb. 

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I look after anything to do with travel and tourism  as individual or as a group